Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Wear


It can sometimes be difficult to transition out of the holiday months into January. With the gift exchanges and work parties in the past, it can be hard to differentiate what can be appropriate for the Secret Santa exchange and what would still be useable in a few months in the future. After all, there is a lot more you can get away with in the fashion arena during the time between November and December; sequins and glitter seem to be never ending, as are the patterns and colors they are paired with.

Dresses and tops in this set resemble some useable items that may be in a wardrobe after the flurry of gift wrapping has subsided. The baroque patterns in the sweater and sweater dress somewhat resemble the holiday months, but in a way that more represents the fall 2012 trends instead of St. Nick. The dark colors will look great when paired with pops of color, such as a pair of violet heels or a mustard yellow satchel. 

The shift is a classic and must have for any closet. A black one can become a year round staple and can be worn to multiple places and occasions when paired with other items. With the one in the above set, a pair of riding boots, tights, and even a studded motorcycle jacket can make it an exciting outfit for January instead of being paired with pops of red and green as in the months before.

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