Thursday, January 31, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 12

Day 12

This was definitely my favorite ensemble of the week. I love this peplum I picked up from (any guesses?) TJ Maxx. It has a cute little peter pan collar and loops for a belt at the waist. It originally came with skinny beige one, but I managed to lose it between my dorm and moving back home over the break. Luckily, I had this black bow one that came with a shift I got from JC Penney's. 

I have a love/hate relationship with the collar necklace I have on. I got it because of the great ombre coloring that in the light changes from red to green to violet. What is there not to like about it? Well, when I got it in the mail from Forever 21, it came broken. And not just that: I checked my receipt and it stated that it was a final sale item, meaning I could not return it. My issue was that when I bought it, not only was this not indicated anytime during checkout, but I bought the necklace at FULL PRICE. Of course, once I looked at the description, I saw the "final price" tag on there, though it doesn't give a reason why. It may have been cheap to begin with and I was able to fix it, but it's the ethics of the thing. I am sure I will be buying more things from Forever 21, but I will stray from getting jewelry or accessories from them.

And the best part of the outfit today was... the hair! I have tried over and over again to try and get vintage hair. Most of the tutorials I have tried have succeeded in giving me nice curls, but not the vintage look I wanted. Others had hot rollers  in them, which I do not have. What I do own is about 100 bobby pins and used this to my advantage.

I'll explain the process, though I do not have pictures of it. Fortunately, my sister (who is actually a model) is having me do her hair, and I hope to take her pictures to make a tutorial of it.

All you need for the hair is a large barrel curling iron (I used Hot Tools Gold, 1.25 inches; it's the one used in many tutorials, even the ones featuring Lauren Conrad), bobby pins, heat protectant spray, and hair spray.

The base of my tutorial comes from this awesome video I found on YouTube (I would put the video directly onto the site, but the user disabled the embedding feature). The goal of it is to get curls similar to Lana Del Rey's style. This itself is difficult to do if you do not have very long hair, but the placement and direction of the curls does succeed in getting the pretty pin up curls for shorter hair lengths. I would watch this before hand in order to get how I am explaining the curl positions.

  1. Part your hair so that it goes from the side you prefer diagonally back to the center of your hair. Spray heat protectant over hair. 
  2. Section of any bangs you have and curl the hair so that the hair root is lifted (hair is curled opposite of the part). 
  3. Once you release the curl, make sure to hold its shape. Pin the curl so that it is able to retain it's shape.
  4. Repeat this process, starting at the front of the hair to the back. When going to the opposite side of the part, make sure to still have the curl have the root lifted and on top of the barrel, NOT under it. This is important. 
  5. Once the curls are all pinned, spray with hair spray. 
  6. Let the curls set and cool. The timing depends on how thick and long your hair is. For perspective, I have thick, medium length hair and I let it sit about a half hour. 
  7. Take pins out and run fingers through hair. If you like the volume, then DO NOT brush through the curls. If you would like less volume, go ahead and use a paddle brush (For mine, I ran my fingers through it because I liked the thick curls and high volume).
  8. TADA! You are officially from the 50s!
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