Thursday, January 24, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 8

Day 8

Nearly didn't post this! Now because I forgot.. well, sort of. When I was done with class, I wanted to hurry and do my laundry before other people in my hall claimed it. Nearly put detergent on the top before I realized I had not taken any pictures yet!

Without realizing it, this ENTIRE week was filled with striped tops. Literally. Every day. This is not typical for me, but it happens. 

I love this top I recently got from Forever 21. It's a simple top, and by now you have heard me rant about how much I love horizontal stripes. Unlike the other outfits from this week, these stripes are thicker. I was originally going to pair it with dark pants, but I instead went with these electric blue jeggings and my combat boots.  I also wore my favorite scarf from New York and Company. Originally, I was not sure how I wanted to tie it. I was going to tie it in the back to make it look like an infinity scarf, but did not really like the knot at the back of my neck. Instead, I went with knotting it at the front. 

I also wore pretty little violet heart and bow earrings I got  a while ago on Etsy. Unfortunately, the shop closed, but I have found a few others that are very similar.

Swarovski hearts with bow earrings from violleville

Shopping List:
Pinterest Inspiration

                                                                                   Source: via Noelle on Pinterest

This awesome tutorial was found over at the To Die For Blog. It's a great way to add volume and texture to the traditional sock bun!

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