Monday, January 21, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 5

Another week, another outfit! Day 5

After a morning of digging in the dirt for my horticulture course, I was able to get into this little ditty for my afternoon class.

I must admit: I love body cons skirts, especially this simple black one. I have found it to be a year round useful addition to an outfit when I don't feel like wearing jeans. In the winter, I like to pair it with tights and sometimes even with some black thigh high socks.

When I make an outfit like this one, I subconsciously keep in mind fitted vs. unfitted. It's nearly a rule of thumb for me: if the top is very fitted, then the bottoms should be relaxed, and vice versa. Because it only reached the teens up here in upstate NY, I knew I wanted to wear a sweatshirt (Thankfully, my campus has underground tunnels, so I did not have to go out in the cold with the tights!). Since it has a relaxed fit to it, I could wear the body con with it (I nearly wore jeggings, but I knew I wore some last week and wanted to mix it up a bit). The oxfords have once again made an appearance, as has the Tiffany charm necklace.

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