Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rocker Chic @ Meet and Greet

Tough & Pretty

I have a thing for winning giveaways. I have won concert tickets, movie memorabilia, and the latest one adds a meet and greet to the list. Though I have been to my share of rock concerts, I wanted to put a little more thought into the outfit since I knew I was going to meet my favorite band of all time.

Being me, I of course was over-thinking the entire thing. Exploring Polyvore, I created the above set in order to get some inspiration. I wanted something that would still look girly, but not to the point where I was going to glances because I obviously didn't belong at the venue. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything in my closet to replicate the set. Did I really need to buy a whole new outfit? According to my logic: yes. According to my bank account: um, no. Luckily, I was able to pick and choose between my own clothes and my sister's, who was also going with me.

 I came up with wearing a VSPink black tank and patterned black and white jeans. Yeah, I may have been the only one wearing Pink anything there -let alone sequins -but at least it was black. And what can be better than sequins??

Regardless of what I was wearing, I met Fall Out Boy, got Patrick's autograph, and pictures with all of them. What's better than that? Well, besides sequins.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Intern Fashion!

Just because the school year is over doesn't mean creating outfits gets any easier. With the upcoming summer, I have a new array of issues to tackle: how to dress for an internship.

I am currently interning for the marketing department at a museum, and I have slowly been stressing out what to wear. There are only a few people in the offices that are under the age of 25, so it was difficult to find the happy medium between dressing my age and not looking too out of place.

For the first day of work, I kept it pretty low key, just so I could figure out how it would go. 

I paired my embellished collar button up with a grey cardigan and black boot cut pants. Although it was to the point of "business casual", I'm glad that I went with the top, just because the collar gives it a little extra something. 

I'll be updating the blog with some of my better outfits, along with some trends that I have been seeing. Happy Summer!