Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Braided Bun

This is one of my week two outfits. I paired my cut out Drake concert tee with some jeans and my pink boyfriend blazer. I thought the light shades in my flats and jacket went well with the darker tone of the shirt, making it an ideal summer to fall transition outfit.

I couldn't decide what to do with my hair since I didn't have the time to straighten it out, so I decided to do a bun that I saw on Pinterest awhile back. Of course, I can't find it anywhere right now, but if I do, I'll be sure to update the post!

All you do for the bun is 
  1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail
  2. Separate your hair into three sections
  3. Braid each section to the end of the hair
  4. Take one braid and wrap it loosely clockwise around the base of the ponytail, securing it with either a bobby pin or by putting the end of the braid into the elastic
  5. Take one braid and wrap it counter-clockwise around the base of the ponytail, securing it in the same fashion
  6. Take the last braid and wrap it so it goes on top of the other secured braids.
  7. Finally, take sections of hair in the bun and make the braid looser, making the bun have more volume

Voila! Braided bun! Hopefully the picture along with the description will be enough until I find that darn pin!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Classy French Fashion

This was the first week I had for my classes here at the Universite Rennes 2 in Rennes, France. Since arriving week ago, I've been slowly observing how people typically dress around the campus. As I had assumed, people were dressed a lot more formally than they would back home. Actually, since I've arrived here, I haven't seen not one pair of yoga pants/leggings worn as pants/sweats. At all.

I talked with one of my new friends I've made since arriving, and when she asked about what I saw differently, I described to her the typical uniform of people on my campus. She was nearly in shock when I described to her how informal we Americans are for class. But there's no use changing it; we just feel more comfortable, I suppose. 

At any rate, here are some pictures from my first two days of classes.
Besides people dressing more formally, I also noticed another thing with fashion: layers. Black tights, a blazer, and a scarf are essential to fitting in fashion wise here. Luckily I came with plenty in stock, and for my first outfit, I put together a T.J. Maxx dress and Zara blazer (both bought while I was in Atlanta) with a scarf my grandmother had bought me for Christmas and tights I already owned. Of course, I couldn't come here without my beloved oxfords, even though a few of the studs have begun to fall off one of the shoes. In this pic, you can also see my ombre hair in curls. 

Oh, and about dyed hair: I have yet to see a French person with it. The only people on campus who have dyed hair (as in with color that they were definitely not born with) have been American or people from the U.K. I'll get back to you as soon as I figure that out. 

This outfit was made with my ruffle blouse, Zara blazer and skirt, and of course my oxfords. Pretty preppy and a little more monotone than my usual outfits, but I still love how it came out.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Studying Abroad!

I have probably mentioned this before, but now its super official: I'm in Rennes, France for the semester!
I know I mentioned all the awesome clothes I got when I was here last time, but budgeting is a little different when you're here on a school trip compared to actually trying to live here. Not sure when I'll have any haul (probably not til October when I can figure out finances and such), but eventually, I'll put up pics of new clothes. 

I went out tonight with some other students and wore this outfit.
I combined my Macy's top with a scarf I got from NY&C for the last time I was here (seriously, everyone wears scarfs) and a new pair of pants that fit perfect from (of all places) Sears. Yeah, Sears. Nearly embarrassed to say it, but whatever. It's hard finding pants these days that re decently priced straight legs and not skinnys. These were parfait perfect. 

I've mostly been doing French braids while I was here, mainly because I was petrified to plug my straighter in. Last time, even with my adapters and voltage convertors, it blew out. Just plugged it in and *knock on wood* the light is on! Let's hope nothing awful happens...

Monday, September 2, 2013

New Hair: Red Ombre

If you weren't already aware of this, I have never had my hair dyed. Ever. But getting prepared to study abroad this semester (leaving in six days!) made me feel like I wanted to do something different. Even though the ombre trend seems to be slowly dying out, I couldn't help but still want it. At first, I was going to go the popular route and get blonde on the ends, but my older sister insisted I get red. So voila, here it is!

My sis did a great job on it. She separated my hair in half (top to bottom) and then separated those sections again (left to right). She inserted hair bands where I wanted the ombre to stop, and then separated the portions in thirds that were to be dyed. Working from the bottom to the top, she applied the dye and let it sit about twenty minutes and washed it out.

I love how it came out. It's something subtle, which was what I wanted.

My sister did a lot of research for the process, and here are some tutorials that were helpful:

Even though I did not dye my whole head red, it gave good tips on dying the dark hair read without bleaching it. I did not have to do it twice, though, since my hair had never been dyed before and the dark color lifted easier than hers. 

I first found this video on Pinterest after seeing her after pictures and adoring them. I used the same brand (L'Oreal HiColor) as she did for my ombre.