Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 3

Three days in a row?! Insanity!

Day #3

This outfit is relatively unexciting, but on purpose. I spent (probably too much) time on my hair and make-up today to put more attention to it rather than what I was wearing. I wish I had gotten good pictures of it, but I went with a sock bun with a french braid in the back. Because I knew I was going to work this morning at 10 and would not be done with classes until 9 (luckily I got out early today!), I wanted a stay put bun looked both pretty and relaxed. I also did some cat eyes, which you can see if you squint your eyes on the picture to the left. 

[As a side note, if you cannot tell, these glasses are not real. In fact, they are the 3D ones that you get from the movie theater. Years ago, one of my older sisters punched out the lens in them and walked around for months with them on. Although I did not wear them to classes, I do think they go well with the look!]

The necklace was the one statement piece I did want to add to the ensemble. My older sister gave it to me during one of the many wardrobe revisions she goes through. She couldn't figure out what to do with it, and I grabbed at it as soon as I saw it. Necklaces like this are great add ins for an outfit, especially if the the rest of it (like mine today) lacks texture or prints. 

I also pulled these sneaks out my closet. If you ask anyone who knows me, they would be able to tell you that I very seldom wear sneakers unless I am at work or in the gym. I'm just not in love with them. These are an exception. I love the flowery print, especially on a dreary day like today when it was down to the thirties and dark.

Shopping List:
  • Speak 2 Me cardigan: JC Penny's
  • Pink high low button up: H&M
  • Jeans: TJ Maxx
  • Mossimo floral sneakers: Target

Pinterest Inspirations!

I love this tutorial because I have tried so many times to try and get a sock bun, but something about my hair just would not cooperate when the directions said to roll the hair with the sock. This one says to put a hair tie over the spread out hair, which made my life so much easier. 
Make Up

                                                                              Source: via Noelle on Pinterest

I love cat eyes, and I love that whoever I repinned this from called them "kitten eyes"; there like baby ones. The pictures show you step by step how to develop the eye.

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