Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 

Today, I knew I had to look semi professional for multiple reasons. Not only did I have a meeting with a campus office and try to recruit people for a on campus club, but I just came back from the first newspaper meeting where I have been instated as an editor! Instead of going with business casual or even a skirt or dress, I used this fun blazer-esque top. It's more of a tee shirt material than anything, but the cut and shape give off the jacket appeal. I love the horizontal stripes in it; usually I try and steer clear from them, but I think because of the cut, it does not give the "wider" illusion that is usually associated with it. 

To make it a little more me, I paired it with my beloved combat boots. This time, I folded them over so that the floral print was visible. 

For my hair, I went with a french braided headband that I will admit to finally mastering. Unfortunately, I have not found a tutorial on Pintrest or YouTube that adequately shows how to make it as easy as I have for myself. I tried to do it where it is two braids on either side that come together in the front, but because of my medium hair length, it can be a bit challenging. When I first tried the french braid technique after seeing pictures of other people doing it, it kept coming out out bumpy and uneven and took such a long time that my hands and neck would kill. Now, I'm down to it only taking me about two minutes at most because of some tricks I learned myself! Maybe one of these days I will make a tutorial for it!

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