Monday, January 14, 2013

ABW (Already Been Worn) Challenge: Day 1

I just started a new semester at school, and this time around, I wanted to try and challenge myself: How many days can I go without repeating an outfit? Although it's not a major, life altering or mind bending experience, attempting it last semester was pretty fun and was able to get my mind off of burning out from lack of sleep/stress/studying/the usual debilitating college problems. Hopefully, I'll be able to do this for all four days a week I have classes, but if something crazy happens or I'm swamped, I'll try and make sets instead of taking photos.

Day #1

In truth, this was not the outfit I had in mind. We had a warm front just yesterday, and our usual winter weather went up to 65 degrees. When I tried to see the weather for the next day, I mistakenly thought it'd be warm again, making me choose to wear a grey pencil skirt and studded oxfords in place of the black jeggings and combat boots. But I still liked how the outfit came together, mostly because I got to wear my blazer (one of my most worn and favorite things in my wardrobe). I also decided to add the pearls just as something different. The bag is courtesy of, and is my everyday backpack. It was inexpensive and has lasted me one semester so far without any tears or mishaps.

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