Thursday, June 28, 2012



Feeling inspired by Vogue's website today, I set out to try at least one of the trends that I came across on the site. As usual, I got sidetracked and created something completely different.

That's one of the greatest things about putting together an outfit, in my opinion. Whether it be in your own closet or at the mall, you try to put together the latest trends and stylish ensembles displayed in magazines and the media. And yet, as much as you want to become like the models you see, you still itch to go forth with something different. Sometimes it still resembles what you originally intended; others, it's a creation that is all your own. Either way, the outfit is something you put together.

I somehow found myself making a monochromatic outfit. Although I've done this before, I always find that I have to put the pop of color into it; the bright fuchia handbag, the turquoise heels, the yellow bangle. But this time, I was able to follow through, and I like the outcome of it.

To me, it's an outfit I imagine myself wearing on the way to work, a Starbucks coffee in hand as I try and make it to the office on time. The striped skirt is the most eye catching piece, but is toned down enough by the solid blazer and briefcase to prevent it from being overbearing. Hopefully in the future, I'll be in a situation where looking trendy at the office is a must.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girl on Fire

Kristen Stewart: Cannes Film Fest

I admire people who take chances with fashion. Not just the ones who go completely out there and sometimes over my head - Lady Gaga comes to mind -but the people who wear something that you know if someone else were to put it on, it just wouldn't work. Kristen's fire red dress worn at the Cosmopolis premiere of the Cannes Film Festival reminded me of this concept. In the past, there have been celebrities who have shown a tad bit too much skin while wearing a gown, nearly to the point where you feel embarrassed for them (Am I the only one who still remembers J. Lo's green wrap dress at the Grammys?). In the past, Stewart has often walked this line. In mid May, Kristen wore a nearly transparent black dress to the world premiere of her movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

The thing about this dress I admire more so than the one worn at the SWATH premiere is the complete allure to it. Though the plunging neckline is the most eye catching attribute to it, it isn't the only reason why it was turning heads at the premiere. The lace back draws the eyes to the softer side of the gown. The rouge tint to her lips gives her a glamorous, classic Hollywood feel. And though the shade of the dress is in the same color family as the carpet she poses on, Stewart's dress makes it apparent that she has no plans on staying in the background.