Friday, March 30, 2012

Show Time: The Christian Louboutin Shoes

Show Time: The Christian Louboutin Shoes

Karen Millen knee length cocktail dress
£110 -

Christian Louboutin platform high heels
$845 -

Valentino handbag
$98 -

Amrita Singh long ring
$100 -

Sparkle jewelry
$33 -

Diamond jewelry
$5.99 -

Cat eye sunglasses
$12 -

Stila eye makeup

Christian dior perfume
£41 -

 The red soled shoes. The ones that seem to form to your feet. Christian Louboutin brought back stilettos in the 1990s, putting them in the hands of adoring women wishing to make their legs look longer. These shoes have that ability and unlike others, everyone knows what -or rather, who -you're wearing. It's not just a pump, or a high heeled shoe. Its something that clicks with every step. And the best part is only those behind you -those who you have already passed by, those who you don't have time to talk with because you're a woman of business -know why those shoes are so magical.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Never Hide: The Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Never Hide: The Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Mesh tank
£50 -

Topshop vintage jacket
$70 -

Alexander mcqueen handbag
$2,075 -

Versace zipper jewelry
$825 -

Jane Norman sparkle jewelry
£5 -

Ray-Ban wayfarer shades
$150 -

Vera Wang fragrance
$72 -

Ray-Ban sunglasses: the essence of cool. Whether you're a rocker, preppy, or urban, they stand out in any wardrobe. The unique and trademark boxy shape isn't anything that you can find anywhere else. Although more and more glasses are taking this shape following "geek chic" craze, there's something about having the logo on the side that makes the glasses just pop out to others. The glasses don't cover your eyes from the rest of society; rather, they make you stand out even more. Only Ray-Bans have the ability to act as shades by never hiding your face. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let it Rain: The Burberry Trench

Let it Rain: The Burberry Trench

Catherine Deane v neck dress
£675 -

THOMAS RATH silk polka dot blouse
€398 -

Burberry coat
$1,195 -

Floral skirt
£12 -

Leather shoes
£170 -

Chain jewelry
$105 -

Burberry folding umbrella
$190 -

Flower stud blue

This set is the first in my "Designer Staples" collection on Polyvore featuring iconic items from even more iconic names. 

The Burberry plaid print isn't one that goes unnoticed from any educated woman. The classic trench coat is an easy fashion staple to any wardrobe, but having a Burberry one on her back feels as though there isn't a rain cloud in the sky that could ruin her day. A woman feels proud knowing that she has this coat on, protecting her from the wandering eyes, all wondering the same thing in their heads: How can one simple piece of khaki clothing do that?

The best part of it is that it's a sort of hidden secret; a pedestrian may not even see the print on the inside, and only notice the confident demeanor in her heeled step as she walks to the grocery store. Only the lucky wearer knows. 

And all of her friends and sisters who ask to borrow it. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Skin White as Snow, Hair Black as Night...

Skin White as Snow, Hair Black as Night...

Plein Sud chocolate dress
$750 -
Jimmy Choo embellished sandals
$1,495 -

Stolen Girlfriends Club silver jewelry
276 NZD -

Cuff bangle
$15 -

Miss Selfridge wooden jewelry
£12 -

Miso ring
£6 -

Butter London nail polish
$14 -

Fairy tales are the new vampires. There's two versions of Snow White hitting the movies soon, two shows ("Once Upon a Time" and "Grimm") on major television networks, and romantic and soft looks adorn the pages of magazine spreads for Spring 2012.

There's two sides to this trend: the romantic, pretty, and innocent Disney take on fairy tales vs. the grungy, earthy, and urban Grimm fairy tales that many movies are based on.

I like that Snow White and the Huntsman is the latter. Although I lean towards the lacy and chiffon fabrics for spring, I like the earthy and natural tones featured in Stewart's costumes in the trailers. I liked the cuts in the dress that resemble her worn and pieced gown. The shoes were chosen because the colored parts on them almost look like little flowers growing over vines.

Since trends in the world and media affect fashion, I wonder if this fascination with fairy tales will show up somehow...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rock Star

Rock Star

Phase Eight lace shirt
£59 -

Mango leather jacket
£70 -

Black skirt
$20 -

Alexander McQueen leather sandals
$1,513 -

HTC leather boots
€498 -

Nicole lee handbag
$78 -

Heart clutch

Aspinal of London cuff bracelet
$169 -

£1.75 -

Leiber fragrance
$115 -

Essie nail polish
$8 -