Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 30

A month's worth of outfits!

Day 30

I didn't realize how 80s themed this outfit was until I took the picture, but there's nothing wrong with a good theme day; I was kind of punk when I wore the Joker shirt, so maybe this is just in line with that. 

I don't own a lot of sweatshirts or hoodies, but this is one that I adore. It is a comfy crewneck that I usually throw on if I'm on my way to the dance studio or if I have a doctor's appointment. Last semester, I dressed it up with a skirt and loved how it came out, and did the same thing today. The long socks were something I found at Sears, of all places. It's usually hard for me to find over the knee socks that fit comfortably, but these work out great. To keep them up, I safety pin the sock to the tights.

The hair took zero effort. Because of the curls I had yesterday, all I did at night was twist my hair back on either side, pin it with bobbies, and wrap my hair. I took the pins out and had waves! It was a quick and easy way to make sure I didn't heat my hair again

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