Monday, February 18, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 21

Day 21

I am seriously in love with this shirt. I spotted it across a crowded room and through the noise of music and people, I made my way over to it.

Of course, the crowded room and music was provided by a lively Macy's during Black Friday. I was getting pretty frustrated on not finding one thing that I needed to buy, and did not have the patience to stand in a long line to get into Victoria's Secret. So I spotted this shirt and thought, "This will do."

Unlike many of my clothes, its very trendy, as in it will only have a shelf life of a few months before it becomes dated. The cutout sleeves, the bejeweled collar, and the sheer fabric all make this possible. Typically, I try not to spend too much on a trend piece like this. Thankfully, it was only $15 that night. 

Shopping List:
  • Ultra Flirt cutout top: Macy's

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