Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 42

 Day 42

Today was my fun outfit. I have been saving this top to wear for while, and although it was still a bit chilly outside, I decided to wear it. The long sleeves make it weather appropriate while the mint color is very much in the tune of the spring season. Because the top and bottom are solid and plain in the front, I decided to add the pear necklace to give it some texture.


A majority of this outfit was made using pictures from Pinterest.

I got this backless top from Pink by Victoria's Secret. It is normally $24.50, but it was on sale for $15. You know how I am with a good deal like that! I also got the bralette at VS awhie a go, but have not used it yet. I love how pretty it is in the back! I also like that it has some lining in the front so I feel more comfortable wearing it.

I was originally hesitant about trying this hairstyle out. My hair isn't that long, and I thought it may look weird. But I went for it anyways. This "Lace Braid" as it is called, came out pretty. For some of my hair that wouldn't reach around to the ponytail, I attached the flower clip in order to keep it in.

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