Monday, March 12, 2012

Nikki Reed in New Music Video

Now That I've Found You

As mentioned on Polyvore, this set was inspired by the clothing worn in Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed's new song "Now That I've Found You." I love the entire feel of the both the video and the song. I watched the video before realizing that they were a married couple; I simply thought they were collaborating together. When looking back at the video, I can understand how both this song -which they wrote together -and the video's direction under Nikki Reed reflects the love that they share between one another, which is a marvelous concept.

I love the two outfits that Nikki wears in the video, even though they have opposite feels to them. The one inspiring the outfit on the left side of the set seems very urban, especially when looking at the jeans/tights combination with the boots. The one on the right side is more built on around a fun day in late summer, especially with the free flowing top that was so quintessential during the spring and summer of 2011.

I gave the color scheme more of a neutral color tone with some browns and gold interlaced.

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