Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let it Rain: The Burberry Trench

Let it Rain: The Burberry Trench

Catherine Deane v neck dress
£675 -

THOMAS RATH silk polka dot blouse
€398 -

Burberry coat
$1,195 -

Floral skirt
£12 -

Leather shoes
£170 -

Chain jewelry
$105 -

Burberry folding umbrella
$190 -

Flower stud blue

This set is the first in my "Designer Staples" collection on Polyvore featuring iconic items from even more iconic names. 

The Burberry plaid print isn't one that goes unnoticed from any educated woman. The classic trench coat is an easy fashion staple to any wardrobe, but having a Burberry one on her back feels as though there isn't a rain cloud in the sky that could ruin her day. A woman feels proud knowing that she has this coat on, protecting her from the wandering eyes, all wondering the same thing in their heads: How can one simple piece of khaki clothing do that?

The best part of it is that it's a sort of hidden secret; a pedestrian may not even see the print on the inside, and only notice the confident demeanor in her heeled step as she walks to the grocery store. Only the lucky wearer knows. 

And all of her friends and sisters who ask to borrow it. 

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