Monday, March 26, 2012

Skin White as Snow, Hair Black as Night...

Skin White as Snow, Hair Black as Night...

Plein Sud chocolate dress
$750 -
Jimmy Choo embellished sandals
$1,495 -

Stolen Girlfriends Club silver jewelry
276 NZD -

Cuff bangle
$15 -

Miss Selfridge wooden jewelry
£12 -

Miso ring
£6 -

Butter London nail polish
$14 -

Fairy tales are the new vampires. There's two versions of Snow White hitting the movies soon, two shows ("Once Upon a Time" and "Grimm") on major television networks, and romantic and soft looks adorn the pages of magazine spreads for Spring 2012.

There's two sides to this trend: the romantic, pretty, and innocent Disney take on fairy tales vs. the grungy, earthy, and urban Grimm fairy tales that many movies are based on.

I like that Snow White and the Huntsman is the latter. Although I lean towards the lacy and chiffon fabrics for spring, I like the earthy and natural tones featured in Stewart's costumes in the trailers. I liked the cuts in the dress that resemble her worn and pieced gown. The shoes were chosen because the colored parts on them almost look like little flowers growing over vines.

Since trends in the world and media affect fashion, I wonder if this fascination with fairy tales will show up somehow...

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