Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ABW Challenge: Day 54

Day 54

I was pretty sick yesterday, so no pictures. You wouldn't want to see them. It would just be scary.
I originally got this dress from TJ Maxx last year for a graduation ceremony, and I still enjoy it. I love the small cut outs at the top around the neck line. It also has a great cinched pull string waist that makes it very flattering.

I also decided to go curly for a week. I do this a few times a year just to give my hair a break from all the heating processes I put it throughout the year. I make sure to use a leave in conditioner in my hair to keep the curls frizz free. I also use hair gel on top to keep my hair from looking like it's an explosion.

While my hair is wet and after I put in the gel and conditioner, I wrap my hair and put a cloth over it. I feel like this lengthens the curls and prevents my thick hair from making it seem short. 

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