Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Studying Abroad!

I have probably mentioned this before, but now its super official: I'm in Rennes, France for the semester!
I know I mentioned all the awesome clothes I got when I was here last time, but budgeting is a little different when you're here on a school trip compared to actually trying to live here. Not sure when I'll have any haul (probably not til October when I can figure out finances and such), but eventually, I'll put up pics of new clothes. 

I went out tonight with some other students and wore this outfit.
I combined my Macy's top with a scarf I got from NY&C for the last time I was here (seriously, everyone wears scarfs) and a new pair of pants that fit perfect from (of all places) Sears. Yeah, Sears. Nearly embarrassed to say it, but whatever. It's hard finding pants these days that re decently priced straight legs and not skinnys. These were parfait perfect. 

I've mostly been doing French braids while I was here, mainly because I was petrified to plug my straighter in. Last time, even with my adapters and voltage convertors, it blew out. Just plugged it in and *knock on wood* the light is on! Let's hope nothing awful happens...

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