Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ombre Nails

Because I work admissions to a children's museum, I'm often times dealing with money. I didn't realize til then that my nails are something that people will look at more often then the average person. Why not take the oppotunity to try out different nail looks?

Out of the many ones I've tried so far, I must confess... I'm in love with ombre nails. I've been experimenting with a number of different color combos, and fell in love with this one immediately. I combined a cobalt blue with a Tiffany teal and got this great seaside combination. It's a great look for the beach and I can't wait to show it off!

There are a few key tips to making ombre nails work, and three items that are needed in order to make it as easy as possible: foundation sponges, Vaseline, and hand held nail polish remover.

For right now, I'll put in some pins of what I've combined together in order to get the look. The next time I do the ombre look, I'm hoping to put together a picture tutorial so that it'll all be put together in one place!                           

One of the first things I learned from Pinterest was how helpful Vaseline can be. Besides it being a great substitute for mascara, it also helps it easier to get nail polish off of fingers. This becomes especially important when using ombre. Because you're using a sponge to put the polish on, there may be more on your fingers than on the actual nail. Vaseline saves tons of time on the process of removing it from unwanted places.

As mentioned before, sponges are your friend when it comes to ombre nails. Its nearly impossible to get the look without it. After carefully blending the two colors in the middle, a sponge helps to blend them even more to give it the effortless look.

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