Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Basking in the Sun

Sail On

I love the look featured in the pictures in this set. Although it's not a nautical themed outfit to go with the background images involved, it reminds me of enjoying the last of the bright days and hazy nights of summer. As the warm weather comes to a close, it's nice to bask in the sun and appreciate it for a moment before it is gone.

Of any of the pieces that I would like to own, it would have to be the pleated skirt. I've always loved pleats since I was in kindergarten (I blame it entirely on attending private schools for the majority of my life). I loved getting a new jumper and feeling the structured pleats that I knew would never last long because of the daily wear and tare children go through with their outfits. The bubblegum pink in the skirt also reminds me of youth, and how most every girl at some point has every shade of fuchsia, magenta, and neon pink in their drawers.

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  1. This looks just like you as you ambled the streets of Seattle in sophisticated pleated skirts. Stay classy!