Monday, April 2, 2012

Let the Right One In: The Tiffany Heart

Let the Right One In: The Tiffany Heart

Lace dress
$150 -

Lipsy low back dress
£58 -

Carvela Kurt Geiger heel pumps
£120 -

Tiffany Co crocodile handbag
$5,200 -

Stephen dweck jewelry
$595 -

Tiffany Co tiffany co jewelry
€170 -

2 PC Favor Boxes 2x2x2 Turquoise Tiffany Blue (Bulk 100 Pieces)
$56 -

 When I was 16 years old, I asked my mother for one thing for my birthday: A Tiffany & Co. charm necklace. 

Over the course of a year, I became fascinated with the jewelry. All of the beautiful pieces. There was something different about the pieces compared to other stores. Something that made me envy anyone who ever had that the heart on their wrist or neck. It was such a simple statement; no added embellishments, nothing over the top. Just elegance in its cleanest form.

 As the months came closer and closer, I sent my mother little hints via links and catalogs which were strategically placed where she got started on her work after coming home. Even though my mother told me repeatly that she did not want to get my hopes up, I of course did.

And when I came down the stairs into our dining room and saw the little turquoise box with white ribboned bow placed at my setting, my smile could not have been brighter. And it was borderline cruel and unusual punishment to make me sit there as my family wished me well during dinner and dessert.

I strategically left it for last: the icing on the cake. It was there. Right in my grasp. I pulled on the ribbon slowly, my grandmother's laughs in the background. I gently pried open the lid. I quickly took out the small pouch and put my fingers gingerly inside, feeling the cold metal on my fingertips.

I pulled it out. And there it was. My Tiffany heart.

No one loved their mother as much as I did at that moment.  

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